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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Manicure Mondays

This is so not adoption-related but a girl still has life going on while she's waiting for a referral, right? Well...one of my friends blogs over at Finally....Kriss. Not too long ago, Kriss debuted a blog series called Manicure Mondays. The premise is to take some time on Monday to relax, unwind, slow your pace and take care of little ol' Y-O-U.

I've been meaning to do it but you know, life gets in the way....okay, I let life get in the way of slowing down. Well recently after work, I finally did it....I took some time and painted my own nails. I didn't go to the nail salon; instead, I used some colors and did it all by my lonesome. And ya know what....I really liked it. Check it out....
 Now before you think this color is ***sigh*** a little boring. It has some history. My grandmother, Fannie or as we called her 'Nana' who passed away some years ago, used to bring me in her bedroom and do facials for me. Yes, she'd dig out her honey and almond paste and we'd go to work. The facial would be followed by a manicure and her choice color which she NEVER deviated from was similar to this neutral that I'm showing on my nails. Now I had to jazz it up just a little with some silver glittery sparkle....sorry Nana! smile.

Here's to you Nana and thanks Kriss for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to the day when my daughter and I are painting nails together and creating our very own memories. ahhh.......


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