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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Selah's Christmas Tree

This is our 4th Christmas since we started the adoption process. I remember last year posting that I just knew for sure that Selah would be here by now but as they say, we make plans and God laughs...or even better, His timing has such greater perspective than mine. As hard as the wait has been, I know that there's still some maturing and preparation that God is doing in me as we wait. I'm praying that I'll be all that God wants me to be as this child's mother.

Even during this waiting and understanding there is reason behind it, I recall last Christmas being anxious for her to get home so we could finally celebrate Christmas (one of the biggest family holidays) with her. I remember last Christmas (2011), I remember having my eyes on some ornaments at Target. They were sold individually and not in a boxed set like my good ol' faithful fragile glass balls I've bought over the years. These ornaments reflected my personal style but even more so, I thought they'd be perfect for Selah in Christmas 2012 because they were plush-like animal toys and hearts. I waited until the day after Christmas last year and snagged them up, confident that my little girl would be here to play with them....not so much.

So this year, we decorated the tree with the ornaments anyway and because our numbers have gotten a little closer, I asked Tony what did he think about 'perhaps' leaving the Christmas tree up until she came home...it might be as early as Spring or as late as another Christmas. Of course, his daddy's heart said that would be fine. We'll see what I decide as the months after Christmas time pass. If we get too far into the Spring, I can imagine I'll take it down. (No worries...I gave up a natural tree for an artificial tree.) In the meantime, here's a glimpse of my little girl's Christmas tree...


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