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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Special Gift Just For Her

I'm in this 'nesting' or purging phase at home which many say is a sign that we must be getting closer to our referral. Each room in our house is getting a small 'lift' and cleaning out. If we don't use an item in the space, it's being donated. If I've been meaning to do something in that space and it can get completed with a diy small budget, it's getting done.

Well, this morning, I'm working on clearing out Selah's room since it had become a makeshift 'storage' place for some odds and ends. While straightening up the closet shelves, I glanced at a cute pink shopping bag that was given by some dear friends. As you've followed our journey, you may know that our daughter really has some remarkable people in her life. Although she's not here yet, there are so many people who have rallied behind bringing her home and just loving on her. Earlier this year, one of those families, The Parkers, gifted her with something really sweet. The box it was presented in was small and petite. Ricky and Whitney Parker are among two of the most stylish young and entrepreneurial-minded people that I know who also have a huge heart for helping those in need. Their little daughter, Kenni P. -- well let's just say that she's a rising star and always steals my heart.

I had no idea what was in the box but when I opened it, I was floored to see the most beautiful diamond cross for a wee little one. It's a children's cross for Selah to wear which is a constant reminder of God's love and plan of redemption for her. What a way to start her off. Thank you Parker Family. We'll cherish this for many years.


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