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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family: Shelly and John

The other night, me and the boys were so pleasantly surprised when two of my family members joined us for MJ's bball game. They actually went out of their way which was so super sweet to me.

Meet Shelly & John. They're siblings and best of all, they're my birth mom's sister's children. What's so cool is that they really knew my birth mom...from her thumb-sucking habit to her likes and dislikes.

Shelly has been a MAJOR supporter of our adoption since the day I shared it. In fact, she and one of my close girlfriends, Trenace, will be accompanying me on the second trip to Ethiopia to bring Selah home. From a young age, her walk with God has been so strong and has been one that I admired.

John (okay...he may get me but I don't really call him John...it's Chippy. His nickname as a child is the only one I and now my kids know...sorry, Love. *smile*) He lives out-of-town but when he comes here, if my schedule allows, I try to hop over to his mom's house, my Aunt Johnette, because he lays out a breakfast spread that makes me dance. He then tops it off with a cup of his special hot cocoa. I wonder if Selah will enjoy it? I'm guessing yes!

Thanks fam for your love!


Shelly G. said...

You're welcome and you know we love you too!

This time together truly was one that we all will remember forever, especially the mess we made with the powdered sugar from the funnel cakes we were eating.

Regarding Aunt Kay, yes we did really know her and a joy she was to all. It's amazing how related family members pick up similar interests and for me it was Aunt Kay's love of crocheting. I think within the Taylor family she and I are the only ones.....at least for now anyway. I plan to pass this gift along to my wonderful "niece" Selah.

Peace & Love!

Michelle said...

super sweet, my dear. Super sweet!

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