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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1: Created for Care Retreat

Waterfall at Front of Resort
My first day at the retreat's resort wasn't really Friday when things got started. Instead, I actually flew down to Atlanta on Thursday morning...after the kiddos were dropped off at school. Whenever I go to a retreat, when possible, I try to fly down the day before to relax and unwind. I mean it's REALLY rare for a mama to get away with no husband and kids. Don't get me wrong, I love my little babies and my big, beautiful strong 'Baby' but a girl needs to getaway. You know......where no one calls your name because they're looking for their basketball uniform.....where you can spread out in a big bed all by yourself...and no one's patting or rubbing your hip at night....oops...sorry, maybe TMI for you but that's my life! LOL.

 The Resort Sits On This BEAUTIFUL Lake!
So because Andrea and her retreat planning girls thought of everything, they actually planned for mom's like me. We had a really cool, laid-back dinner at the restaurant on the lower level called Bullfrogs. It was phenomenal...because at the moment when I walked in by my lonesome, I realized that I wasn't at all alone. At the table, there sat about 30, perhaps, women who had or are walking this same adoption road as me. My soul was so happy as we chatterboxes sat, ate, and just looked at the beauty at the table. Everything was awesome from the server to the yummy sweet potato fries that I L-O-V-E-D! Now the one thing I'd change --> the poor guy who was trying to entertain us with his singing and music. I guess nobody told him that a table full of mamas don't need any entertaining at all, especially when they actually get to enjoy a meal with no littles making spills or crying to go to the potty. (smile)

Come back in a bit! I'll be sharing Day 2 next!

Welcome to Lake Lanier Resort!

Traded in my "Mom Big SUV" for this Rental Cutie!


The B Family said...

Love it! On the way home, we decided that next year we will want to get there on Thursday afternoon, too--and maybe visit the spa on Friday morning before the festivities begin!

So, so good to meet you--a highlight of the weekend. Looking forward to the next installment of your report!

Michelle said...

Thanks Love! It was sheer joy getting to meet you FINALLY in-person. I love this digital age....it has proved to create some amazing friendships like yours. Can't wait for us to be able to hang out again. Praying for all that God has for you guys! Lots of love!

Pixie's mom said...

So glad to hear about your relaxing time! I'm going to the March retreat and cannot WAIT! Did you get your Atlanta shopping in, too?!!

Michelle said...

Hey Kelly! You will absolutely L-O-V-E the retreat! If I could have afforded to go back in March, I would have totally signed up! Just a tiny bit of shopping at Atlantic Station on my way back to the airport....had a bit of downtime before my flight....found a couple little affordable boutiques.

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