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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 2: Created for Care Retreat

Friday! Friday! Friday! I woke up last Friday morning in my room to this beautiful balcony view of the lake. M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-T! He does all things well. I so wish I could have transported this back to Maryland.

I loafed around in my pjs and got some work done with my new MacBook Pro that I use at work. Boy....this sucker is like night and day in terms of efficiency in comparison to my Dell laptop. I also love that technology allows this type of flexibility. Hanging in Georgia but working for our Maryland church campus. Okay, I know I was on a 'retreat' yet, I'm still figuring out my own balance between work and home. It's tough when you actually get to work at your dream job because its no longer 'work'. It's your passion...what you were created to do. I'd do this 'job' for free.

Anywho....back to the retreat. I stayed up in my room so long, I had to wait for Bullfrogs to open up for lunch. Because I am a big eater, no worries. I didn't starve. I'm so glad I didn't take a picture of my food drawer. I had actually driven to the local Target on Thursday afternoon when I arrived and bought some, shall I say 'snacks'....Yes, a small pack of cold cuts and all. With no refrigerator in the room, I did what any ol' resourceful mom would have done. I picked up a plastic shoebox type of container and filled it with ice. Inside, I buried my small pack of cold cuts and Colby Jack cheese. Inside my food drawer I had the following --prepare yourself: small loaf of bread, mustard, salt, pepper, sour cream & onion chips, white cheddar popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, cheese-its, and some cans of sprite. I know...so sad but I just didn't want to spend a lot of money on food between Thursday (since I arrived very early) and Friday evening when the retreat began. Now I was going to treat myself to lunch but I am a big in-between meals type of girl so don't judge me. (smile)

Now Lake Lanier Resort has a pretty cute gift shop and I did fall prey BUT the deals were great! I bought a really nice grey scarf (i LOVE grey). It was $8 because everything was 40% off. I also got these really cute manicure sets for a make-up 101 party I'm planning for the Spring. While shopping, I met a woman who I can't remember her name but we chatted like two girlfriends about our adoption process. (If you're out there, drop me a line...sorry!)

Laura Kirkland
Just before the registration process started, I met another cool woman who was helping out with the 60 Feet table. Her name is Laura Kirkland. We popped into the gift shop to ask my new 'buddy' who manages the shop to take a picture of us. Lo and behold as we're taking a pic, Laura says, "Hey, they have my stuff in here!" Believe it or not, Laura is an artist that designs beautiful art for a company called Glory Haus. The stuff was too cute! She had also completed canvas art for the conference that was being sold at the 60 Feet table. Yep, another mama match made in heaven. Another one of those women that you just wanna hang and grab some coffee with for a bit.

The doors for registration opened up and I popped on in. The highlight that night was when my girlfriend Missy Dollahan texted me and told me she had arrived. When I saw her we....okay, maybe I, screamed like a first grader who had just hooked up with a favorite playmate. Missy....how do I describe her??? She's that girlfriend who will keep you laughing until you wet your pants...yes, really! LOL. She's very strong in her opinions and is PASSIONATE about children and family. Check out her blog, It's Almost Naptime.

As if that wasn't joy overload, I looked to my right and saw Gwen Oatsvall and Suzanne Mayernik. Okay....seriously God?! Gwen & Suzanne are the women behind 147 Million Orphans. I am a total nut for their products, but especially their heart for the orphan. I'll share more on them in the next blog post.

I grabbed some snacks and headed for the vendor tables. Who was there???? Check-out this vendor lineup....
147 Million Orphans 
Adoption Tees 

The ladies from Light Gives Heat.
I purchased some items and that was that! My gift to me. I mean it was for the cause. (smile) Be sure to click their names above to visit their websites. These vendors offer LOTS of great products to support orphan advocacy.

.....and then.....the conference officially kicked off! The first thing we were shuttled off to were breakout sessions and OMG wait until I tell you which one I attended. I was absolutely IN HEAVEN!!!! Stay tuned. I'll share the pics tomorrow of what the night held.

**BTW: I can't share all of the details because there's a group of ladies heading to the conference in March. Don't want to spoil it all for them. Ladies: If you're going, take some cash with you. You'll DEFINITELY want to do some shopping. (smile)


Shelly G. said...

Sounds amazing! Wish I could have gone with you! 😊

Michelle said...

I know! You'll have to go next time for sure!

Pixie's mom said...

Oh dear! Did someone say...SHOPPING?!!! !) Love you, girl!

Michelle said...

mhmmm! Shopping, girl! Love ya back!

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