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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Months DTE.....The McKinneys MEET Sushi!

Three months! Three months!  Three months!  Woo hoo.  That's right baby.  The 7th of every month, we celebrate the date our dossier (official stack of adoption paperwork) landed in Ethiopia.

....and you know how we do it over here in the McKinney household!  We kick it healthy-style....LOL.  So today, we thought we'd stretch our palettes.  We decided to trade our fried croakers in for Tuna Tataki Nigiri.

Let me be honest here.....I purchased it around lunch time.  Each time I'd go to the fridge to try to eat it, I'd look at it and put it back.  Raw fish?  Who does this????  The almost good thing about this piece is that it is seared a little...might I say VERY little.  The rest is well you  know......sushi.....raw.  eek!
I was SHOCKED when it was video time.  "C" in his usual form played the camera man but "MJ" decided he wanted to actually try it.  So he did.  I was such a baby about it. (You'll see my half-enthusiasm at the beginning of the video and how long it took me to respond after I started chewing.....smh at myself!)  So check it out.....but first can I get a WAHOO! for THREE MONTHS DTE?!!!!


Jasmine said...

Wahoo! So exciting! Pretty soon you'll get to celebrate your 'referralversary', what a day that will be!

-a fellow adoptive mom

Anonymous said...

Haha I love his face when you say DTE. This video was so fun!! One month closer to Selah!!

Michelle said...

Thanks ladies. This really was a fun video to make. Big hugs!

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