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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sisters By Adoption

No...perhaps it's not quite what you're thinking.  I'm not speaking about two girls joined and united into a family by adoption.  Instead, I'm talking about grown women, some many miles away, who have been united by a common thread that has deemed them as 'sisters'.  This common thread is adoption.

Along this adoption journey, I have gained many sisters, many of them also my 'sisters' in Christ.  They are adopting mamas at all stages of the journey.  I simply just can't bring myself to just call them friends because these women are simply incredible.  Some of  them I've met, some I have not, some I have chatted with on the phone, others we have talked through facebook statuses and late night facebook chats, and of course, the wonderful blog post comments.  Yet, no matter how we communicate, they are my sounding board, prayer warriors, and have become additional aunties to Selah.  (Woo! When this little girl finds out how many aunties she has, she'll be blown away!)

No matter what you do in life, I think it's so important to have a strong support system.  Ya know, people who are walking your course or have walked your course.....been in your shoes.  I have grown LEAPS AND BOUNDS with these wise women in my corner.  They pull me up and help me to blossom into my best....God's best.  What they have exposed me to has been simply beautiful.  They are too numerous to name but I'll just share a couple flicks of a few of them that I've recently met for some quick socials.

The picture on the left represents the ladies from DC and VA who have adopted/are adopting through the America World Ethiopia program.  We met bright and EARLY last Saturday morning in Tyson's Corner for breakfast.  There were lots of laughs, hugs, and of course we had our share of tears as we relished in God's love for these amazing journey that God has allowed us to be a part of.

Then there's one of my sweetie pies --Melissa.  Since she's on the west coast, she and I can be caught in the middle of the night chatting on Facebook about what's happening in adoption and life.  Our pic above is meeting each other in-person for the first time at Dulles Airport.  I was so excited they were stopping on the east coast before Ethiopia that I got up at 4am.  I needed to leave home at 5am, beat the traffic, and meet them for their early morning arrival at Dulles Airport.  Told you I loved these women! (smile)

So clearly, these are not all of the beautiful 'sisters' in my life.  They are numerous and I'm so thrilled to call them family....all connected by adoption.


Wife said...

Amen!! Just got back from a women's retreat. This spoke to my heart! Praise God for Sisters in Christ! What a bond :)

Michelle said...

I can only imagine how spectacular that was Mandie. So glad you had a great time!!!

Joe and Alice Waarvik said...

Just checking in... I haven't read any posts in a while... everything ok dear?

Michelle said...

That was so sweet of you Alice...as you can see...we're finally back!!!! Thanks for checking on me!

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