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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Day Without Shoes: Out of Our Comfort Zone

Wow! What an amazing day!  I'm going to be really transparent in this blog post so if you can't take some of it, please skip this particular post.

This was a huge stretch for me.  Especially considering I have had 'feet issues' since I was in high school.  I never had ya know what men would call 'pretty feet'.  I don't know about other cultures but I can definitely say that in the African-American culture, many men have a thing about women with pretty feet so for years I hid them. In fact, I remember during a summer break during college, I had foot surgery done to get rid of the extra long bones in my toes and to get rid of some corns....yes, I said it.  LOL.  For years, I wouldn't wear sandals because even after the surgery, I didn't like the way my toes looked.  They still weren't 'pretty' enough.  Yep, my own hangup.  It wasn't until I was at DSW shoe store with a girlfriend who also had some feet issues.  She simply did one of those girl please.  I wear my sandals.  Who cares!  As simple as it was, that 'Girl, please' and her encouragement got me over my 'feet issues'. 

Fast forward to today, TOMS One Day Without Shoes....how freeing to be able to participate in a great cause and not be hung up on my own insecurities about my 'appearance'.  But you know what....I discovered that there are still others, not just me, who have had/do have 'feet issues'.  Yet, although they had 'feet issues' they gave up their own will to be the voice of those who really do have major 'feet issues'.  Ya know, serious 'feet issues' like podoconiosis because of the lack of clean water and proper shoes to protect the feet.

So take the journey with me and my colleagues from Zion Church, even our Pastor, as we participated in TOMS shoes One Day Without Shoes.  A real good eye opener!

BTW:  Are you a TOMS shoe lover?  You can still get $5 OFF your pair of TOMS shoes through their online site when you enter ZION in the discount code at checkout.  Each pair counts towards Zion Church's April shoe campaign....we're collecting 4,000 pairs for local and international distribution!  Join the fun and make a difference!


Jeff Seevers said...

Way to go Michelle! Awesome...

Kelly said...

Love it, Michelle! I did ONE DAY up here in Southern PA, and we had the SAME WEATHER! I found out when I went to drop my daughter off at school, that I had to chaperone a field trip-BAREFOOT! haha! And, since I'm training for a half marathon, I had to run 6 miles on the treadmill-BAREFOOT! AAAH! My feet were still cold at 11 at night! :) SO WORTH IT! I'm so thankful for SHOES! (My daughter just watched your video and said, "We need to get them some shoes!" Don't you just LOVE KIDS?!)

Michelle said...

Thanks Jeff!!!

Love it Kelly! Ready for next year...eh??? smile

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