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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ways to Support Baby Girl's Adoption

Adoption is such an amazing opportunity for prospective parents and children but there are often obstacles that can stand in the way of uniting an orphan with their forever family.  If you are wondering how you can assist us in bringing baby girl home, we've listed some ways below.  Please remember EVERY person's efforts counts!

  • Pray:  Please pray for baby girl, her birth family, Ethiopia, the 147 million orphans in the world, and our family.  Please pray for the process which we have to go through with the adoption.  It's a long process and can sometimes feel discouraging, overwhelming, and fearful.
  • Financially Support Our Adoption:  Whether you contribute $1 or $1,000, every single dollar goes towards the cost of bringing baby girl home.  If we find that we are overwhelmingly blessed by financial contributions, the remainder of those funds will go towards helping other families bring home their adoptive child(ren).  For now, you can make donations by sending checks and money orders.  Please contact me at michelle365@me.com for the mailing address.  If you'd like to give on-line, you can do so via PayPal by clicking here.  If you'd prefer to mail your contribution, please send it to our post office box at:
Michelle & Anthony McKinney
P.O. Box 4965
Largo, MD  20775-4965

  • Share the Plight of Orphans:  Consider adoption as an avenue for you and your family to make the total number of orphans in the world 147 million MINUS ONE.  You may also consider becoming a foster parent.  Other ways to help orphans is to support families who have become foster parents, donate goods/services/finances/time to foster group homes, or sponsor a child through agencies such as Compassion and World Vision.


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