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Friday, January 8, 2010

Focus Friday: Pray for Kate McRae

Focus Friday is all about turning the attention away from me and my family...our small world...and focusing on someone else.

Today, I'd like to focus on Kate McRae.  At the end of this post, you'll find the video of her parent's sharing part of her story shortly after finding out about this massive tumor on her little brain.  

Please take the time to pray for Kate....she needs your prayers...it doesn't cost you a thing except your time....such a small donation that reaps so much.  Can we count on you?  Please watch the below video in its entirety....

As I type this blog post, it is 2am and my own babies are tucked in their beds, healthy, without any pains or cares so my heart goes out to the McCrae family.  Although they didn't ask for it, please also pray for their marriage because I know that sometimes tragedies like this can take their toll on a marriage.

Want to keep up with Kate's Story?

Here is Kate's website to keep up with more up-to-date information:  www.prayforkate.com

If you're on Twitter, you can follow her parents, Aaron (http://twitter.com/aaronmcrae) and Holly (http://twitter.com/hollymcrae) for more frequent updates on how Kate is doing day-to-day.

Want to support the McRae family?
Beyond your prayers which we believe to be the greatest gift, if you'd like to support the McRae family financially, here's more information:  http://prayforkate.com/#/support/

Want to share Kate's story?
Repost it to your Facebook page, Twitter account, or your own blog.  Ask your family and friends to pray for her.  If it's easier for you, just copy and paste the link to this blog post or Kate's website to an e-mail....whatever works but just rally the nation to pray for her....yes, YOU....one person can make a HUGE difference.

Much love,


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