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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby Smell & Day Dreaming

I've recently had the pleasure of washing the clothes of a relative's baby girl. I've also learned to even do her hair pretty well (that is, thanks to Nikki's blog at http://beadsbraidsbeyond.blogspot.com/). Right now, I am just absolutely smitten, in love with the thought that we will prayerfully have a little girl living with us within the next year and a half.

A blogging buddy of mine (http://threeplusone--ethiopiaherewecome.blogspot.com/) is actually in Ethiopia as I write this picking up their beautiful little girl. Another blogging family (http://asformyhousehold.blogspot.com/) just received their referral for their little boy. Hopefully, they'll be traveling in the next couple of months to bring home their precious son. I am sooooo thrilled for both of these families. It's so exciting.

As I daydream, I dream of the day when I will finally convert my home office to a nursery filled with pinks and maybe browns. I dream of the day when Tony and I will travel to Ethiopia to experience her culture and see where she has grown up. I dream of the day when we will get the phone call and see the pictures of our sweet little girl. Most of all, what I really can't wait for is to get that first smell and snuggle with her. It's something that can't be captured with words. How can you have love this deep for someone that you've never even met???

The only way I know this is possible is that this love must be planted in my heart from God. Only He can do something so amazing like this within me....and for that I am ever so humbled and thankful.


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