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Friday, September 18, 2009

Thanks for Talking Me Off the Ledge

It's always great to have someone that can give you perspective.  Many times, it's my honey, Tony.  This morning, it was my ever loving big brother, Mike.  If you've never heard me talk about my brother Mike, what rock have you been under???....I'm only serious (smile).   Straight up...he is so special to me.  Since we were little kids, I have always looked up to him and mimicked what he did...sometimes it got me into trouble....(hey mike....remember cutting the arm of the couch with a razor blade or how about spilling a slurpee into the tv....sorry I digressed...now back to his good points...smile).

Yesterday evening, what began as a great day of opening up our adoption application packet, ended up in questions of anxiety such as "what if this doesn't go right..what about this....what about that?"  It was really ridiculous because I was working myself into a panic about stuff that really is not an issue.  It was just that the amount of information that you have to fill out is incredible.  So I was really going off the deep end.  I was up at midnight sending out Facebook updates about my anxiety.  My cousin Shelly helped me out initially with some comforting words and I was off to sleep only to wake up in the morning with the same worries.  So I called my brother Mike and was able to share what was going on with me.  Since my dad is no longer alive, his voice is sometimes the voice of reason for me.  If you were fortunate to have a strong, positive relationship with your dad...you may know that it's like your dad saying "Everything is going to be alright."  Just at that moment, your situation hasn't changed but because daddy says it's going to be alright, you feel so much comfort.  That's what my big brother voice of influence is to me.   (Now don't get it twisted.  My husband is not intimidated by this.  He understands the relationship that my brother and I have, what we've been through together through childhood and he celebrates it.)

So today's post is dedicated to my brother Mike.....my hero...big brother....and friend.  I love you babe! You have been a remarkable influence in my life. 


Eve said...

That's wonderful. I wish I had a Big Brother Mike. He sounds like a wonderful person. God bless him.

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