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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Got the application BUT....

So I've been like a little kid waiting for the adoption application papers to come in the mail.  Okay, so I know I just requested the papers a few days ago but a girl can dream, right?  I mean I've been checking the mailbox EVERYDAY, including the  day after I submitted the application packet over the internet.  While we haven't finalized our selection of a particular adoption agency, America World is where we are leaning and I've been waiting for their packet.  So today when I got home from work, I did what I've been doing...went to the mailbox before I even backed the truck into the garage....and NOTHING... :-(   oh well....there's always tomorrow.

Today, Tony wasn't at home waiting for me to get there because he went to the golf course with a friend right after work.  He swung by the house earlier just to pick-up his golf clubs but then he was out.  So the boys and I went on in the house and started our daily wind down routine...change uniforms (them), back the truck into the garage (me),  get a snack before dinner (them), start/finish up dinner (me).  As I went into the kitchen I saw a cardboard mailer envelope sitting in our Reading Room...WAIT!!!!  Oh my, SAY IT ISN'T SO....COULD IT BE????  IT WAS!  There in all of its beauty was a white large cardboard envelope with baby blue stripes .  The envelope had stamped on its front "America World Adoption...To build Christian families according to God's design of adoption."  WOO HOO!!!  YES!  I can't wait to open it but WAIT!!!....there's one problem....my honey isn't back home yet.  He had gotten the mailer out of the front door but didn't pay attention to who it was from.  This sucked because I wanted us to open it together.  I wanted a family picture on our front steps with our family holding the envelope to capture that moment....so gotta wait some more.

I went on into the kitchen, got dinner started and was sure that my honey would be home in the next hour while there was still daylight outside!  I assumed that Tony went to the golf course up the street from our house but nope...today he and his buddy decided to go to the golf course in DC.  Little by little the daylight turned to dark and my dream of taking our pic on the stairs slowly faded.

I called my next door neighbor, Alethea, and in her sweetness she said we could wait until tomorrow morning and she'd come over to take the photo before we all left in the morning.  Great idea BUT the mailer would taunt me...beg me to open it, right?  She said, "No.  Put it away where you won't keep looking at it."  So until tomorrow morning, away the envelope goes so that it doesn't keep calling my name....Michelle....Michelle....Michelle....I know you want to see what's inside."  Good thing I had a long day at work because I'm hitting the sack and if I go to sleep, the morning will just get here faster!  Until then...good night!

In the meantime, here's a tribute to my days (and days to come)of waiting for the Postman...yep, we're going way back....


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