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Monday, September 21, 2009

Facing Giants & The Phases of the Ethiopian Adoption Process

Okay...so there are of course LOTS of things to do to get started with the adoption process.  There are basically four phases of the Ethiopian adoption process.  They include:
  1. Application & Paperchase ($4,455 to $7,105)
  2. Dossier Submission & Waiting ($7,700)
  3. Referral & Travel ($9,420 to $13,070)
  4. Post-Adoption ($1,085 to $4935)
The cost of each of the phases and the items embedded within each phase can vary from agency to agency and state to state (depending upon where you live).  I've provided the ranges from the low end of the spectrum to the very high end of the spectrum.  Over the months to come, I'll blog about where we are in each of these phases. 

For now, I'll share where we are right this very moment.  It's what I call the "Preliminary Phase".  Here's a list of things that we needed/need to complete as soon as possible.

  1. Begin sharing the news of our adoption with family and friends. (9/9/09)
  2. Start a blog to talk about it.  (9/14/09)
  3. Research and select an agency.
  4. Create a plan to save the money needed to fund Phase One of the adoption process.
  5. Open a separate checking account to use for all adoption-related expenses.
  6. Meet financial milestone for Phase One of adoption process:  $6,000
God:  I have to tell you that when I see these numbers, it is quite intimidating but I know this is Your vision and not our own so I'm believing that You will partner with us to make provision.  Help us to get out of our boats of safety and comfort to have the faith to trust you to walk on this spiritual water.  Please guide us along the way and strengthen us in You when it seems like too much to handle.   Out of all the voices calling out to me, I will choose to listen to the Voice of Truth.  Amen


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