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Monday, September 10, 2012

My Birth Mom & Me: Finally, Side-by-Side

My birth mom, Kay, and me. After 30+ years  of her death, this is my first glimpse of discovering if we looked alike. 
For the past 30+ years, September has been a really hard month for me. It's the anniversary of my birth mom's death and also her birthday. She died Labor Day September 7th and her birthday was weeks later on September 26th. As I wrote this, I thought about how awesome God is because after such a hard month, the celebration of my birthday follows on October 4th. I never thought of that...I'm so grateful.

My Uncle Adrian recently posted a photo of my mom that I had never seen before. I actually only own one photo of my mom. From what I learned, she was one of those people who didn't like to take photos. Yet, I long for more photos and a voice recording of any kind just so I can know what she sounded like. 

Today, as I pondered what to post onto this blog, I thought about the photo my Uncle Adrian had and I began to wonder if I looked anything like my mom. I don't know that anyone has ever told me if I have or not. So I decided to grab the photos and put them side-by-side. It's really hard to look at the photos together but it's necessary because it begins to put pieces together for me about who I am in relation to her. The first thing I notice are our eyes. Wow. Maybe as the weeks and months go by, I'll be able to stare at it for longer periods of time. For now, I'll savor what I glanced at and thank God for all things.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Of the AshTree(Ashley) said...

Very powerful! I recently have been going through the same process in regard to my biological father. My mother and my father split while I was a baby because it was not a good situation. He died before I was ever able to meet him. I recently was able to see his picture for the first time. I was so afraid to look at it at first. It's amazing how much something as simple as a picture tells so much of a story. How much pieces are really put together for those of us who may not have know a parent. My fathers birthday was September 8 and he died November 19, 1 day before Felix's birthday. So many connections in life. Yet in still God is awesome. Thanks for posting. It is bringing up something painful but need to reflect in this moment.


Michelle said...

Wow Ashley. Praying for you as you process all of this my dear.

Trenace said...

I grow prouder of ur process the more I learn about you.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much Trenace. Just thankful for how God loves me, grows me, and is patient with me. :-)

Beth in Atlanta said...

The eyes are what caught me too. You definitely have her eyes! Beautiful.

The Davidsons said...

You're both so beautiful. You definitely have that in common.

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