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Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Adoption Numbers...AGAIN!!!!

In adoption land, new numbers always bring lots of excitement. So....with pleasure I'm finally posting our new numbers. We're getting closer baby!

I keep this chalkboard in my office. My colleague, Gloria, was so excited to do the honors
of putting up the new numbers.


chelsey said...

You guys are SO CLOSE!!! I can't wait to hear the good news!!!! Keep me posted :)

Missy said...

We're both so close. I think we're number 11, but if you discount the siblings sets (and I do because Gladney hasn't given a sibling referral in literally years) then we're #6.

Michelle said...

Thanks Chelsey! You know I will!

@Missy unbelievable...now what would we do if the two of us nuts ended up in ET together...too big cry babies! lol

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