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Monday, September 19, 2011

Nesting: TLC Just for Me!

Nesting is absolutely glorious! I've been busy getting my house, family, and yes even me into a better rhythm.  Ya know when a mama bird is preparing her home or 'nest' for the arrival of her little baby birds.  This weekend, I got to focus on little ol' me! (smile).  I think it's super important that as women, we take care of ourselves and that we FEEL GOOD ABOUT OURSELVES! ....and seriously, with all of the running around that happens, often mommies put their care on the backburner.

Since I'm on vacation from work for 2 weeks to really focus on nesting, I decided this past weekend, there were 3 things that I did (started doing) that I'm so, so happy about:

#1.  Got my hair dyed....yep, I'm still my natural deep black but the strands of gray are gone! Gone! Gone! Gone! Woo hoo!

#2.  Got a facial.  I've had these little holes and blackhead-looking critters sitting on my face and I hated the way my skin look.  I went to see an aesthetician Sunday morning and she literally spoiled me rotten for about 2 hours.  At the end of my appointment, my dull, flaky, dry skin was glowing like nobody's business.  All this time, I've thought that my skin was dry when in fact, it's actually oily.  Go figure!

#3.  Started drinking water.  I know, I know, I know.  We should all drink water but this girly hates the taste and loves everything sweet.  Seeing as though I need to set a great example for my boys AND I love looking at my glowing complexion, water is going to become my best friend.  Yep, I even downloaded a water app on my iPhone....it's that serious! LOL.

What I love about this whole nesting process is that not only am I getting my dwelling house in order, but I'm also getting my physical body or home in order.  Life is good and I feel good too!

What do you do or want to do to take care of you?


Pixie's mom said...

I run! It's for physical AND mental health! And, I have to say, I had a facial/spa day about a year ago, and it was one of the top five days OF MY LIFE!

Michelle said...


niki d. said...

a water app, chelle?? girl, you are hilarious!!

Michelle said...

lol @ niki...yep.

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