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Monday, December 13, 2010

Please Don't Turn Away.....again.

I used to despise the words 'rescue' in talking and thinking about our daughter but the more and more I consider how beautiful God's rescue of me was/is, I embrace it more and more.  No, I don't have a 'God complex' but I do want my heart to look more and more like His.  After watching this video that appeared on Jenn Verme and then Meg Miller's blog, I was done.  I saw it on Jenn's blog but didn't get a chance, okay I didn't watch it.  Then this morning before an amazing phone call I had with Meg, I saw it on her blog.  God challenged me, stretched me and continues to make me say Empty me of this selfishness inside....  This is a rescue mission.  Like the man in this video, I'm running full force after my daughter and anything else that God puts my hands to.  There's no pity on her just absolute love like what God has for me.

Take a look....I bet it will challenge you.....or will you 'choose' to not click the link because of depraved indifference?


Meliski said...

Yeah, this one was a tough one to watch.

Megan Miller said...

YAY, Michelle. Love that God used this video for you. Me too:) Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

This video brought tears to my eyes! Praying for you as you continue on by His grace! Glad to follow you, Michelle!


Erica said...

I'm with you sister. God is good and this video hit me to the core as well.

Michelle said...


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