"" Life A Bit Sweeter: Monday is Dossier Day!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monday is Dossier Day!!!!

Monday, I'll be heading to our adoption agency to drop off our dossier.  We first began the journey Can somebody say SWEET!  Life is definitely getting a bit sweeter!  Can't wait to announce the day that our dossier is sent to Ethiopia...in the adoption world that's known as your DTE date. 

These documents and the payments have been in the works for a full year and finally we're at this point....ahhhhhhhh....crazy!  I think we'll celebrate when we have a DTE date with dinner at one of our favorite Ethiopian restaurants.  It would be cool if I could get some family and friends to join us....now that would be a big step so we'll see!


The B Family said...

SWEET! I remember how good it felt to finally have that dossier out of our hands and on it's journey to our agency and Ethiopia! Congrats on reaching another milestone in the journey to Selah!

Carrie said...

So excited for you! It has been such a blessing to follow your journey and watch God go "beyond beyond"! Merry Christmas!

Angela said...


Tami said...

Hi Michelle,

I also go to your church and have heard about you as you may have heard about me. I wish I had the insight to do the many things you and your husband have done for your adoption. Kudos to you both. Maybe we can inspire others from church to adopt. Congratulation on moving to the next step. Happy Holidays!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much Mrs. B! So enjoy following your journey also even since baby girl is home.

Congrats on receiving your recent documents Carrie!

Thanks Angela!

Tami: If you can, stop by the front (near stage area) after service. Would love to meet you!

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