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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Time Is It? YARD SALE TIME!

Tony and I having a little fun sharing about this Saturday's Yard Sale....

Preview of yard sale items will be uploaded a little later today!

Spread the word please!  Love ya!


Angela said...

Good Morning!
I keep seeing all this cool stuff on Facebook. Prayind your sale is a HUGE success!!!

Missy said...

Um, okay, did I not know you had a blog??

Look how gorgeous you are!!!

Michelle said...

Hey Angela! Thanks so much! Nervous about whether or not we'll get enough traffic....so....we'll see what God does on our behalf!

Hey Missy! Girl, yes! It's totally fun and is a great, great outlet for me. You're too cute. Thanks for the compliment....*with my girlish grin**LOL

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