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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clean House: Ethiopia Adoption Style! (Yard Sale Results)

Yesterday was simply amazing to say the least!  In total, we raised a little over $2600 and are waiting for confirmation of a possible ATV 4-wheeler sale!  God totally showed us much favor and grace throughout the day.  There were so many times that we saw the hand of God.  Despite the fact that the signs were removed from the road that led to our main street, the people still miraculously showed up.  Simply amazing!  Then, what about the gracious woman who while walking her dog asked if she could bring back some donations for us.  In the midst of receiving our donations, she left us with a truly AWESOME financial blessing.  Then, what about the young person from our church, Devaughn, that agreed for a few hours to wear a Mr. Incredible costume to attract traffic from the main street to our side streets.  His sign read 'Incredible Yard Sale'.

We had so many things left, so much more to put out, and more people that would like to donate and volunteer their time.  Because of this, we will have part 2 of this Yard Sale event.  A friend reminded me that this was truly like the show Clean House....in fact, we raised what some of those families average in sale.  The only thing we missed was Niecy Nash's matching amount of $2000!  Any takers???? smile.  If so, here's the link on how to donate!  *smile*  http://lifeabitsweeter.blogspot.com/p/donate_21.html

In the meantime, check out an overview of our great day as well as our awesome volunteers and shoppers!

If you'd like to purchase one of the necklaces or soft, comfy unisex t-shirts featured in the video, simply click here to shop!  Necklaces are handmade by me and t-shirts are sold through us for fundraising courtesy of an amazing organization called Mocha Club. 

If you liked the designs of our face painter, Mikal, you can get more information about her services by contacting her at belovedrhf@gmail.com or 202.437.4567.

Thanks for your prayers, words of encouragement, and donations.  What is happening in our lives is truly beyond anything we could ever ask or think!  (Ephesian 3:20)


Shelly G. said...

How I wish I could have been there.....I watched these videos last night and you know I was in tears. Ughhh!

Congrats! I'm so excited seeing that goal number move HIGHER and HIGHER!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle! I want to do a post on www.WeAreGraftedIn.com featuring some of the fundraising families we have listed on the site. Thought it would encourage people to actually go and see what they are doing and buy or donate if they knew more about them! Would you please email me a paragraph about your family, where you are in the adoption process, how God has provided thus far, how much more you have to raise, and what you are doing to raise it? Thanks! Send me a picture of your family too to put with it.

Jennifer Grant said...

So happy to have found your blog. My youngest was adopted (from Guatemala) and I love reading adoption stories. I'm going, early in the new year, to Ethiopia for the first time. My best friend is adopting a daughter. I can't wait to go!
All best to you,
(My blog about adoption is at www.loveyoumorebook.blogspot.com. If you page down to the first post, it's a story of a friend of mine and his son from Ethiopia. Great, happy video, too.)

Tracy said...

LOVE this!!! God will provide-- the overflow is beautiful to watch! :)))

Angela said...

Yay Michelle!

Michelle said...

Thanks Angela!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks everybody!!!! This really was a team event!

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