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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's the Title of Your Autobiography?

Right now in the DC area, we've been pounded with lots of snow.  I'm sure Chicago natives are getting a good laugh at us right now.  When it snows in places like Chicago, the folks there just keep it moving.  But in DC, if the weather man even calls for snow, EVERYTHING shuts down and the grocery store is jammed pack.  (I'm sure this is driving our newcomer, Barack Obama, crazy!  That's okay, we'll break him in!)  So if you don't believe the craziness of it all and you want proof, check out this grocery store line I was in yesterday...and this was the 'short' express lane...

My cart is just behind this guy's cart and then there were 7 more carts behind me...yikes!  (Just for the record, I went to the store days ago but we needed to take a relative to the store so my husband insisted that I go inside also and pick up some bacon, stuff for tacos, and more milk.)

Anyway, my point is that plenty of people here are hibernating.  With so much time on my hands, it's a great idea for me to dive into preparing for our home study.  There are lots of instructions and documents for us to read and fill-out.  In reading our Maryland Home Study guidelines, I found out my husband and I have to each write an autobiography of our life.  We're not talking about a one paragraph summary here...they are asking for approximately 2-4 typewritten pages.  Remember in school when you got these kind of assignments in school?  You'd try to double space it and if you got really creative, you figured that full justifying your document would really make the page look full!  LOL.  Knowing how thorough the requirements are, I'm thinking double-spacing and full justifying my document won't count!  It's all good because if that means it brings us one step closer to baby girl, let the writing commence.  Now if you know Tony and I pretty well, you'll know that I enjoy writing....now my baby Tony on the other hand, he'd rather be sentenced to changing baby girl's poopy diapers for a year by himself....hmmm...sounds like some bartering may be taking place soon.  (BIG smile)  But seriously, I'm sure I'll be taking notes soon while he dictates his life story to me.  And that's okay too because it's the yin and the yang of our marriage.

All of this got me thinking about my life story and how each of us has a book.  Whether you actually sit down and write your autobiography or not, we all have a story to tell.  If I had to write an autobiography of my life, here's what I'd title it and why:

My Book Title:  Not Forgotten
Why:  I always thought the death of my mom when I was young defined who I was going to be.  Although I missed so much from not having my biological mom in my life, God never forgot about me and the maternal nurturing I would need.  He sent woman after woman into my life to love on me, challenge me, and guide me along the path that God had created just for me.  Time and time again, God has shown me in my life that he has not forgotten about me.  He continues to restore all that I felt that I missed in my childhood and blesses me with so much more...more than I could ever ask, imagine, or think.  What I've learned through these years is that while my mom's death was a defining moment, it wasn't the whole book.  It was the introduction and the chapters of my life are still being written.

So that's me.

Your turn:  If you wrote your autobiography today, what would be the title of your book and why?


Tracy said...

Life outside the orange safety cones: I once made the comment that my house and family needed orange safety cones around to warn others and it fit perfectly. We are a work in progress, daring to step over into dangerous territory, irritating others passing us by, but getting things done that someone else has prepared for us to do.

Michelle said...

Tracy, I love it. So when's the book coming out??? ;-)

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