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Monday, May 20, 2013

Natural Hair Meetup & Adoption Fundraiser

I am sooooo excited about our final fundraiser to benefit the travel expenses to complete the adoption of our daughter from Ethiopia. This 'finale' so to speak will be a gathering of the 'sisters' of all ethnic backgrounds...those who are currently natural...those who are curious about going natural...and those ladies who just need a social break.

Save the date and be sure to check it out. I expect that you'll begin to be able to purchase tickets for a really modest donation. The best of all of this is that not only will ladies have a great time hanging out and loading up their bags with products from the product swap , but  you'll be helping another 'sister' cover the travel expenses to plant her daughter from an orphanage in Ethiopia to her home here in Maryland. This has been a 4 year journey and we're so excited to possibly share it with you. Come back to the blog this week to find out how you can support this awesome event if you're not local.

So...please share it with your friends. The goal is to sell 60 tickets...that means lots of products for you to swap and lots of great convo! Hope to see you there!


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