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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fearless....well at least today! (smile)

Well last, week -- July 4th to be exact-- I confessed that I had been procrastinating on getting started with our home study update.  Our adoption agency, America World (AWAA) sent us the info but based on how things went last year, I've been putting it off....BUT guess what? I got over my pity party and moments of fear right after I typed that post!  Yes indeedy!  That's one of the things I love about blogging.  It's so therapeutic because I get to blurt out all of the craziness and then usually, I'm totally fine.

So....I filled out all of our paperwork! Milestone!  Here's a brief version of our remaining things to do:
  1. Get fingerprints done at local police station and then send them in to CJIS in Pikesville, MD.
  2. Drop off medical forms at our medical center for me, Tony, and the boys.  THIS PART IS THE PIECE THAT WAS THE NIGHTMARE LAST YEAR.  Get the forms notarized and sent in to AWAA.
  3. Get lab work done prior to physicals scheduled for next week....yep, 12 hour fast needed first.  Send completed forms back to AWAA.  (Our medical center takes about 14 business days to complete).
  4. Drop off child protective clearance forms off and obtain receipt.
  5. Send completed Home Study update form to AWAA.
 Now here's what the long version looks like....yep, I'm pretty much into writing out the details:


Carolyn Steed said...

Found your post on Life a bit sweeter...How exciting.Our daughter and son-in-law and their 2 children (Kynzi 11 Karston 10)are in Ethiopia now to finally see, hold, kiss,their twins. Haakon and Nyah...now 8 months. It's been a journey and still we are waiting for the "letter" that will let them bring their babies to the B & B and then a few more weeks and the final approval and then home to Portland, Oregon! Check out their blog~website erikwithak.com You have 2 handsome boys! Blessings~ Carolyn

Michelle said...

Hi Carolyn! The adoption/blogging community is wonderful because I'm so familiar with your family. I think I first learned about Erik and their adoption journey when we first got started. So excited that they are there. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks on the compliment of our boys. I simply adore them. Hugs to your family!

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