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Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're Closing the Gap!!!

I am so excited because since my last blog post, we've reached another milestone!  We shared then that we had about $5500 left to complete our adoption.  Well, the word got out and we saw some amazing movement.  Everything from straight-out donations to t-shirt and necklace purchases.  Here is just a small sampling of how God moved people's hearts.  There was:
  • the widow without much money who donated $5 via my aunt Johnette (simply amazing and beautiful);
  • the adopting mom who keeps coming back to donate even though she's raising money herself;
  • my pastor who keeps putting the word out on his personal twitter and facebook page;
  •  friends who are repeat donors;
  • the family member who shocked me with $200 in an envelope...i literally screamed!;
  • the friend who keeps supporting and is now donating $20 every pay period;
  • the beautiful people who donated who don't even know us but just heard our story;
  • and truly...the stories go on and on.
So I say a big THANK YOU! We are now only $3,713 short of closing the gap on our adoption costs!!!  Thank you for being a part of our daughter's adoption story.  What a beautiful story we are weaving together.  Collectively, I believe we'll finish this by the end of the summer!  *eek* so excited!

Don't forget, when you donate through our partners via our First Giving page, it's a tax-deductible contribution!  Check it out here:  www.firstgiving.com/michellemckinney


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