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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Breakthrough: Two GREAT AHA Moments About Our Adoption

Friday morning I was feeling a bit down but as I journeyed to my favorite Ethiopian Cafe in Silver Spring, MD, I received a great breakthrough of understanding about our daughter from a stranger.  It will forever ring deep in my soul...a local's view of Ethiopian international adoption and changing your adoptive child's name....some things to consider...


Shelly G. said...

aHa!!! That's POWERFUL....powerful.....POWERFUL! Praying that God will lead you all in how to proceed with this "aha moment". The words of wisdom that the cafe worker shared with you was clearly a message that not only you and your family needed to hear, but in your sharing it with others it will have a profound impact among the adopting community as it relates to naming their adopted children. I love you so much and continue to learn from you "Baby Cuz"!

Jenn V. said...

Thanks so much for sharing. It gives us something to think about too :) I LOVE what you said about partnering with her mother and father to raise her. My heart is with you...broken...longing for our daughter...knowing that adoption is only the emergency plan...believing that this is the beginning our our journey, not the end. Ahhh!!! I wish we lived closer. My Momma heart needs all the other Momma hearts I can get :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Cateyes & Jenn. This has really been an amazing journey. So appreciate you ladies. Big hugs to ya.

We definitely have 'mucho' to think about Jenn.

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