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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Girls Night Out...Every Mama Needs A Break!

Last Thursday night, a few of the Ethiopia adopting mamas and I went out for dinner and dessert.  This is the same crew that Tony and I went out to dinner with in the Summer.  The venue this time....dinner at Clyde's of Georgetown and dessert at the now world-famous Georgetown Cupcake!  Yum, yum and yum!

This was a super treat because it's rare that I get a chance to get out for some 'girl time' with all of the fundraising, being a mom, working-full-time, and trying to keep it grown and sexy in our marriage....ha ha ha....did I really just say that???? Yep, I did!  LOL.  All that to say, balancing it all leaves little free time so hanging with Susan, Stacy, Monica, and Jenn is a big deal!  So here's a little photo flashback of our night out.  I think the next trip is going to an Ethiopian church service together with the husbands and kids.  Should be fun!


Kelly said...

Hi Michelle, it has been a while since I checked out your blog. So happy to hear of your yard sale successes and I am loving the pink room--so sweet!!

Michelle said...

Hey Kelly! Thanks so much and I appreciate you stopping by. We'll see if the pink stays or not. It was the color of my office...smile...I was trying to be girly in the midst of all this manliness in my house! LOL.

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